Our Specialties

The Law offices of Paul Aghabala are now Located in Sherman Oaks in the San Fernando Valley of California. Our new phone number is: (818)788-0808. We are dedicated and specialize in resolving Personal Injury cases for our clients in the greater Los Angeles area.

Aghabala Law Group represents the next step in the evolution of the traditional law firm. Instead of one or two attorneys with a single specialty, Aghabala Law Group gathers together a team of elite attorneys, each of whom specializes in a different facet of the legal profession. Combining this revolutionary business model with the very latest high-tech, cutting edge technology allows Aghabala Law Group to give its clients the very best legal representation available.

The Law offices of Paul Aghabala are centralized in Los Angeles County,Sherman Oaks and Woodland Hills. We can be found on the internet under "Los Angeles Personal Injuries Lawyer"," Sherman Oaks Personal Injury Lawyer ", and " Woodland Hills Personal Injury Lawyer".