Los Angeles Police Brutality Lawyers

California police officers are allowed and expected to use force to gain control in appropriate situations. But when officers use force in an excessive, unnecessary or punitive manner, it can result in serious injuries or death.

Many times, victims of police brutality are also victims of racial or neighborhood profiling. Officers cannot target people or treat them poorly on the basis of their skin color, nationality, religious practices or the neighborhood they live in. In the United States of America, all citizens (and non-citizens) have the right to be treated in a safe and fair manner by local law enforcement personnel.

The Law Offices of P. Paul Aghabala & Associates represents victims of brutality and other police misconduct. We have helped clients recover compensation for their physical injuries and emotional distress, especially in cases rooted in discrimination.

If you have suffered injury or abuse at the hands of police, tell us your story in a free consultation. We handle cases in Los Angeles County and throughout Southern California.

Excessive Force, Profiling And Police Misconduct

In a typical scenario, a person is stopped by police on some flimsy excuse or vague suspicion. When that person asks "what did I do?" or challenges the authority, the officer responds with force to subdue the person and place him or her under arrest.

Sherman Oaks trial lawyer Paul Aghabala handles cases resulting in serious injury from egregious or unnecessary use of force:

A Case Example

We recovered a large settlement for a man who was injured and intimidated in custody of the Simi Valley P.D. Upon arrest, the officer placed our client in the squad car and then inexplicably put the police dog in the back seat with him. When the K-9 started biting our client, the officer got irate and threatened to shoot the man in the shoulder if he touched the dog!

Full-Service Legal Representation

In addition to suffering injuries, profiled victims are commonly cited for trumped-up charges of resisting arrest or assaulting a peace officer. We work with a top-notch criminal defense lawyer who frequently handles police misconduct cases on a contingency. He defends clients for no up-front fee and is then paid from the settlement when Aghabala & Associates recovers damages for excessive force, false arrest or malicious prosecution. This is a win-win for clients free criminal defense of the highest caliber plus compensation from the civil rights claim.

We are committed to holding law enforcement accountable for excessive force, lethal force or illegal profiling. Call our Los Angeles police brutality attorneys at (818)788-0808 for a free consultation, or contact us online.

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