Los Angeles Bus And Train Accident Lawyers

Were you injured in a collision with a city bus or commuter train? Or injured as a public transit passenger? While it is possible to sue the transit authority, there are special considerations when bringing an injury claim against a government entity.

You should contact the knowledgeable attorneys of the Law Offices of P. Paul Aghabala & Associates. Our Sherman Oaks firm has a good track record in personal injury claims, including light rail and bus accidents. We will make sure your claim is filed in the correct and timely manner to preserve your rights and maximize your recovery of damages.

We represent accident victims in the San Fernando Valley and throughout Los Angeles County and Southern California. Set up a free consultation and case evaluation.

Accidents Claims Involving Public Transit

Contrary to what some people think, governmental agencies are not immune to the laws of negligence. You are entitled to sue for damages, including medical care, lost income, and pain and suffering. However, an inexperienced attorney might miss the filing deadlines or file against the wrong entity.

Aghabala & Associates has successfully sued the City of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County for injuries involving public transportation:

  • Car accidents involving buses or trains
  • Pedestrians and bicyclists hit at crossings
  • Passengers injured while riding or boarding a bus or train
  • Assaults on a bus, train, bus stop or train station

  • Government Claim For Injury

    You must bring notice of your claim within six months of the accident or forfeit your rights. While you are getting treatment for your injuries, we calendar your case and make sure that it is filed properly before the deadline. Based upon the merits of your claim, the legal counsel for the transit authority or the city/county will then decide whether to negotiate a settlement or fight the claim. In either case, trial lawyer Paul Aghabala and his legal team will advocate for the compensation you deserve for your injuries and lost wages.

    We take on details of your case so that you can focus on getting better. Call our Los Angeles bus accident attorneys at (818) 788-0808 for a free consultation, or contact us online.

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