Personal Injury - Automobile vs. Pedestrian Accidents

The Law offices of Paul Aghabala are now Located in Sherman Oaks California. Our new phone number is: (818)788-0808. We are dedicated and specialize in resolving Personal Injury - Automobile vs. Pedestrian Accidents cases for our clients in the greater Los Angeles area.

Whenever automobile vs. pedestrian accidents happen in Los Angeles County, California, it is time to call the experts at Aghabala Law. Intersections are a hazardous place for people to be walking even when they follow all of the available rules on how to cross streets safely. Cars will run red lights, ignore pedestrian right-of-ways, and some drivers are preoccupied with cell phones, videos, and their onboard-computerized technologies.

Injuries and deaths occur with automobile vs. pedestrian accidents happen. Legally, situations can become complicated fast when multiple problems contribute to the accident. Perhaps a stoplight was malfunctioning, or the pedestrian had to leap quickly into oncoming traffic to avoid a bicycle rider that swerved to avoid another vehicle on the road; the driver that hits a person is not always the total cause of the automobile vs. pedestrian accidents in congested Los Angeles County, California.

When a pedestrian is involved in a hit and run accident, complications can run deep. The person who suffered injuries may need lengthy medical treatments and therapies. Aghabala Law experts can help in determining if there are sources to pay for these medical treatments if the person who ran from the scene cannot be found. Whenever a person is involved in a hit and run accident, it is very important to contact a qualified automobile vs. pedestrian accidents attorney quickly.

In Los Angeles, the Aghabala Law experts are ready to help automobile drivers and injured pedestrians get through their complicated legal issues that can materialize any time that a car strikes a pedestrian in Los Angeles County. 

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