Personal Injury - Automobile vs Bicyclist Accidents

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Motorists are very slow to respect the rights of cyclists sharing the road. Seasoned bicycle riders know that they are never safe on the roads nor on the bicycle lanes, and at risk while navigating through busy intersections.

California is one of the highest rated states for bicycle accidents. At many states automobile drivers do not report bicycle accidents that occur unless the motor vehicle involved suffers a large amount of physical damages. Whenever an accident happens between an automobile and a bicycle, an attorney may be needed to discuss the liability factors.

Whenever automobile vs. bicycle injuries become a part of your life in Los Angeles County, California, contact the Law offices of Paul Aghabala Law for an expert opinion about your rights and responsibilities regarding the situation. When you or a loved one has been injured in an automobile vs. bicycle accident, it is time to contact the experienced personal injury experts in Los Angeles County, The Law offices of Paul Aghabala.

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