Personal Injury - Accidents on the Job

Los Angeles Job Accidents and Injuries Lawyer

The Law offices of Paul Aghabala are now Located in Sherman Oaks California. Our new phone number is: (818)788-0808. We are dedicated and specialize in resolving Personal Injury - Accidents on the Job cases for our clients in the greater Los Angeles area.

There are many situations that job related accidents causes so much suffering for people. Unsafe work environment, not compliance with the city safety rules by the employers, wet flours or obstruction in hall ways are all examples of reasons that could cause an accident in a work place.

Although work places seems to be safe, however, an injury happened in such an environment could be very dangerous. As an example trauma to the head cased because of a fall could be extremely severe.

At Law office of Paul Aghabala we make sure your injuries treated by the best doctors in Los Angeles and we make sure you be compensated for any suffering you endured.

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