Los Angeles Wrongful Death Lawyers

The sudden loss of a loved one is always hard to cope with. The grief is compounded when a death results from someone's careless, reckless or intentional actions. While a wrongful death lawsuit can't bring a loved one back or begin to make up for the person's absence, it does provide some security and justice to the survivors.

The Law Offices of P. Paul Aghabala & Associates has experience with wrongful death actions in Los Angeles County and Southern California. We help family members hold the negligent party or perpetrator accountable for the economic toll and the emotional void.

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Negligence In Fatal Accidents

Attorney Paul Aghabala has won wrongful death damages for auto collisions, pedestrian accidents, workplace accidents, police misconduct and medical malpractice. He knows how to approach these cases to maximize the recovery.

Legal matters may not be uppermost in your mind at this difficult time. However, it is important to contact an attorney for two reasons: (a) to preserve evidence that may be critical to your case and (b) to make sure that your lawsuit is filed on time. The statute of limitations for medical negligence, for example, expires sooner than it does for a car accident.

In California, there are specific rules on which surviving heirs can bring a wrongful death action. We take time with clients to explain their rights, the legal process and the applicable damages such as hospital and funeral bills, the person's projected earnings, and loss of the person's love, companionship, consortium, counsel and household services. California's civil code also provides for a separate "survival action" if the person did not die immediately. This lawsuit, filed on behalf of the estate, seeks compensation for conscious pain and suffering of deceased.

Accountability For A Preventable Death

You have our condolences, as well as our sincere desire to be of service. Our legal team helps families gain some closure and obtain the resources necessary to meet their needs and rebuild their lives.

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