Natali Shabani - Attorney

Natali Shabani is an experienced litigation attorney with an established record of accomplishments and success. Natali graduated from Loyola Law School at the top of her class. During law school, she received numerous awards such as Justice Wiley Manuel ProBono Legal Services Award, and Mabel Wilson Scholarship for the exemplary legal services, and was on the Dean's Honor List numerous times.

Having worked at numerous nonprofit legal organizations such as Bet Tzedek, Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, Cancer Legal Resource Center and Tax Appeals Assistance Program, Natali developed a great passion for making our justice system accessible for everyone.

She strongly believes that attorneys have the obligation to ascertain that every injured individual can have her voice heard, regardless of gender, nationality, or disability; therefore, she approaches each case with an open mind and open heart, to allow for "human aspect" of the case to be its driving force, as opposed to numbers and statistics.

Natali currently lives near Santa Monica with her husband, her three children and their pet bird, "tweeter". Her oldest son, 9 year old Nathan, who aspires to become an NBA basketball player, is convinced that one day his mom is going to become a Supreme Court Justice!