Los Angeles Brain Injury Lawyers

Brain injuries often go undetected, because the damage is not outwardly visible or because the person has other acute injuries. Brain damage may not even show up on an MRI. Nonetheless, a brain injury can have a severe and long-lasting impact on the individual and family. It is critical to get proper diagnosis, treatment and rest and to address the future needs.

TheLaw Offices of P. Paul Aghabala & Associates has helped victims of traumatic brain injury (TBI) throughout Greater Los Angeles. We take a comprehensive and long-term approach to ensure that our clients get the medical care and compensation they deserve.

If you suspect that your loved one has suffered brain injury because of the negligence of others, contact our Sherman Oaks law firm today for a free consultation.

Personal Injury Accidents Resulting In Head Trauma/Brain Damage

Trial lawyer Paul Aghabala has practiced in personal injury litigation since 2001, with millions of dollars in recoveries for clients in Southern California. Our legal team handles traumatic brain injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents, falls from heights, slip-and-fall accidents, assaults and other circumstances. We excel at holding negligent parties accountable for damages or forcing employers and insurance carriers to provide workers' compensation benefits.

If there are any signs of brain injury or concussion, we arrange for clients to be examined by neurologists and neuropsychiatrists. We know that prompt diagnosis and treatment is important to limiting the damage and maximizing the recovery. We work with those physicians, as well as family members, to document the debilitating symptoms and side effects of brain injury, which are different for every victim:

  • Memory loss and cognitive impairment
  • Fogginess and trouble concentrating
  • Vision problems, vertigo or headaches
  • Loss of physical function or feeling
  • Mood swings or personality change
  • Depression or post-traumatic stress disorder

  • Let Us Take On The Burdens

    We handle the paperwork. We conduct the investigations. We deal with the insurance companies and medical providers. Our goal is to relieve victims and families of the legal worries so that they can focus on rehab and recovery from a devastating accident. We are committed to full compensation for ongoing medical care or nursing care, replacement of earnings, damages for pain and suffering, and any permanent impairment arising from a traumatic brain injury.

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